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Jiangya Water Control Project

The Jiangya Water Control Project is located on the Loushui River, a tributary of the Lishui River, in Zhangjiajie City of Hunan Province. Its main function is flood control, incorporated with power generation, irrigation, water supply, navigation and so on.

The project consists of dam, underground powerhouse, inclined ship elevator, irrigation diversion system. The dam is the highest full-section RCC gravity dam in the world, with the maximum height of 131 m. The underground powerhouse and the surface switch station are situated on the right abutment, while the inclined ship elevator on the left. The underground powerhouse is equipped with 3 mixed-flow turbines each with 100 MW, with the annual energy output of 756 million kWh.

The Jiangya hydropower station is invested jointly by Ministry of Water Resources and Hunan Province invest the Jiangya hydropower station jointly. The total cost estimation of the project is 3.3 billion Yuan, among which US$ 97 million is loaned from the World Bank. The Ministry of Water Resources and the Hunan Provincial Lishui River Basin Water Resources and Hydropower Development Corporation act as the Owner of the Project.

The Jiangya Hydropower Station is the key national project for flood control. The reservoir has a gross storage of 1.74 billion m3, including the flood control criterion of the lower reach of the Lishui River will be raised from 4- or 7-year frequency flood to 17-or 20-year frequency flood so that it can greatly alleviate the flood disasters caused by the Lishui River and the Dongting lake. The Project was presented to study in 1993, and started to construction in July 1995. At the end of 1998, the first generating unit was put into operation ten months ahead of schedule. At present all the 3 generating units are being operated. Now the project enters the period of its mop-up and preparation for acceptance.

The Jiangya Hydropower Station adopted "project legal person responsibility system, bidding and tendering system and project supervision system". The construction technology of RCC in full section was used in the dam construction. The RCC inclined-layer concrete placing was used instead of the flash-layer technique so that it enhances the work efficiency. Additionally, the drill hole sampling has a maximum length of 6.7 m. The officials from the World Bank and the experts at home and abroad praised the project many times.

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