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Wanjiazhai Water Control Project

The Wanjiazhai Water Control Project is located in the river reach from Tuoketuo to Longkouxia valley, in the north stem of the Yellow River. The Project is the first cascade of the basin development plan of the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Its left bank is under the jurisdiction of Pianguan County of Shanxi Province and its right bank is under the jurisdiction of Zhunger Banner of Nei Mongolia Autonomous Region. The main tasks of the Project are water supply and power generation for load peaking, incorporated with flood control and ice prevention. After the completion of the Project, it can annually supply water volume of 1.4billion m3 for the energy bases of Shanxi and Nei Mongolia, It also can supply the peaking capacity of 1080 MW and the annual energy output of 2.75 TWh for the North China, Shanxi and Nei Mongolia power networks. Therefore the Project will play a great role in alleviation the water shortage situation in industrial, agricultural and domestic uses in the energy bases of Shanxi and Nei Mongolia, improving the energy structure of North China, Shanxi and Nei Mongolia power networks and optimizing the operating system of power networks. It also creates a favorable conditions for the flood control and ice prevention for the Tianqiao Hydropower Station in its downstream.

The Wanjiazhai Water Control Project has a drainage area of 395,000km2 with the reservoir storage of 896 million m3 and the regulating capacity of 445 million m3. Its dam is a concrete gravity one with the maximum height of 105 m and the crest length of 443 m. Its hydropower station id equipped with six generation units of 180 MW each, with the total installed capacity of 1080 MW.

The State Planning Commission approved the Project in 1993. The construction of its main bodies started in the end of 1994. The river closure was completed in December 1995. The impoundment of the Project started on October1, 1998. The first generating unit was put into generation on November 28 of 1998,33 days ahead of time. Another 2 generating units were put into generation in 1999. The last three generating units will be put into service in 2000.

The wanjiazhai Water Control Project is one of the national key projects, invested jointly by three partners of the Ministry of Water Resources, the governments of Shanxi Province an Nei Mongolia Autonomous Region. The total investment of the Project will be 6.058 billion Yuan. The Yellow River Wanjiazhai Project Development Limited Corporation, as the legal person of the project, is responsible for the financing, construction, operation and management, loan repayment and asset preservation and increment of the Project. The Corporation operates the project in accordance with modern enterprise system. In the construction of the Project, the engineering supervision system, the competitive bidding system and the strict contract management system has been completely carried out. Meanwhile the government also has supervised the engineering quality. Through the effective management, the Project has reached its construction goals of high quality, high efficiency and high speed, which become one of successful large-scale water projects built jointly by the central and local governments in water sector. The Yellow River Wangjiazhai Project Development Limited Corporation will take the Wangjiazhai Water Control Project as its base to construct the next hydropower project Longkou Water Control Project in the manner of rolling development. The ultimate aim of the Corporation is to become a trans-sector and trans-region large-sized enterprise group with the objectives of power generation, water supply and hydropower development as its main and concurrently with trade, tourism, building materials, cultivation, construction and management, technical consultation, etc.

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